Part of the BA Events Management Degree Course

Flash Theatre Festival 2016


I would like to say right at the very start of this review, that this year’s events team has set the bar incredibly high for those lucky enough to follow in their footsteps. I will break down my review as follows:

Ticketing. Despite a behind the scenes hiccup, the tickets were on sale in time and in an easy to buy way. The team was only constrained by the website they are forced to use. It is basic and does the job, but I think they could have done more if allowed a better site.

The Hub: Choosing Hazelrigg House as the hub was the right choice. Better than this, the hub was always manned and we were welcomed like old friends every time we walked in. The hub was always buzzing and everyone in the room was part of the buzz, unlike other years where it was always a small click away from the rest.

The performance spaces: This is where the events team are really head and shoulders above previous years. Rain or shine, one or more of the team was at the event venue before we, the audience arrived to queue for admission. From the first show on Monday to the last one on Saturday evening, the team was there and every ticket was scanned, every queue was controlled and every door shut on time with no latecomers allowed. This really helps the performers and the tech teams so much and they, I am sure are grateful for the events team’s diligence.

Social media: Both Twitter and Facebook were well used and constantly updated with information all through the event and before. Some great videos were shot by the team and put on line for us to view. The one that showed the venues was a great idea as I for one, had never been to any of them before.

The team itself: This was without doubt the most well matched, well balanced and happy team we have ever had. They never lost any drive or passion no matter what silly hours they were all working. They were always happy and welcoming and it was real; not an effect wiped on in the morning and washed off at night. Having two gentlemen in the line up was a surprise to me and they added to the energy of the team.

To sum up, Vicky Cooper, Aisha Ruth-Francis, Lucy Taylor, Daniel Gardner and James Broomfield were together, the best events team I have seen in four Flash Festivals. There have always been some outstanding individuals in previous years, but this team is streets ahead.

So, that thank you all for making Lynne and I so welcome, for treating us like friends and for always offering me a chair. Towards the end of the week I really needed one!

The very best of luck to you all in the future.



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