Written, adapted and performed by George Marlow

Flash Theatre Festival 2016


In the confined underground space that is The Basement, we find our smiling, welcoming, unnamed host, played by George Marlow sitting at his computer. The soundtrack is Normal Everyday Guy by Jon Lajoie. This track was unknown to me but I later realised it really did set the scene very well for what was about to come.

In this performance George, on the most part uses other peoples works but speaks the words himself. Not only does he speak them himself but he truly delivers the message behind all of them and this is George’s artistry coming through. Each piece has been very carefully chosen to fit in with the message being delivered and each piece is delivered in exactly the right sequence. Looking back on it with 24hrs since the performance itself, it worked so well because it had been do deeply researched.

Our protagonist, has a Brooklyn accent but in between what could be regarded as soliloquies, George comes back in an English accent to give us some of his own thoughts, written by him and in some cases really funny. I will never yawn in front of a deaf person ever again! In other cases poignant and always thought provoking.

The rap that George delivers is quite incredible. Kudos to the guy that wrote it but bravo to the way it was delivered. Word perfect, ridiculously complicated, so fast and with feeling. Like all other works used in this play, it fitted in place and fitted the theme perfectly.

The message was how much the social networks are making us so anti-social and it was delightful, as George made us, the audience connect with him, and each other. This without a single smart phone or tablet, he bought us all together. He shared his food with us, he danced with some of us and he included us throughout. He shared his worries, his thoughts and he shared his soul with us.

George has devised an educational, thought provoking piece of social theatre that leaves the audience questioning their addiction to the “Like” button or the “Retweet” tab in their lives. He delivered it in such a passionate and open way that you could not help but agree with him and identify with the words spoken with such feeling.

I really enjoyed this experience and have no doubt that George and Barefeet Films are going to go from strength to strength. A great way to finish off three years hard work and study. Congratulations.


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