For.Tune Theatre

For.Tune Theatre

The Homeless Heart


You know when you last walked down your local high street and you saw a homeless person sitting in a doorway? What did you do? Ignore them? Verbally abuse them? Drop a coin in their cup? Be honest now!

Naomi Gidney is the talented young actress behind For.Tune Theatre and The Homeless Heart asked all of the above questions. Once again on stage when we arrive, barely visible, our distressed heroin is wrapped up in a sleeping bag, laying on cardboard and surrounded by rubbish. The majority of the audience is seated on the floor around her as she invites us into her world.

She gives us some background on her life and how hard she has now fallen from grace. Trapped in a world where she is invisible to those who can afford to help and a target for those who care nothing for her situation and are happy to abuse her anyway they can.

While staying in character, Naomi uses her considerable guitar and singing skills to sing of her plight living in the gutter among the lost and the lonely. Begging for money but truly craving the tiniest spark of human kindness, she continues her descent into the world of alcohol and drugs.  

Naomi’s performance is powerful and at times, extremely physical and this adds to the audience’s unease as while watching, they admit to themselves just what they do when they see the unloved and unwanted on the street.

My answer to my initial question? I walk past them and ignore them. After seeing The Homeless Heart, I hope not to be so quick to judge and dismiss another human being.

Thank you Naomi.


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